Family Pictures

We have contracted with LifeTouch Church Directories and Portraits to take family pictures and prepare a pictorial directory for our church. LifeTouch is a Christian company that is used by churches and schools throughout the United States.

What do their pictures look like?

LifeTouch pictures are creative and fun, far from the “drivers license picture”.

Who can be in the family picture?

Whomever is in your family. Even if you have extended family who do not attend our church, they may be in your picture.

Will there be a strong sales pitch for us to buy expensive packages?

We have been assured that no pressure selling will be involved. You will receive an 8X10 of the picture of your choice for free. Additional packages will be available as desired.

How do I reserve a time?

Click on this link – really simple!

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Special Service on July 3rd

A very special service is being prepared for July 3rd. Here are some highlights:

Adult Sunday School classes will combine to hear from Devin Chance about the Life of Hope Ministries. The Mama Carmen home in Guatemala is supported by Life of Hope. Last month, our church gave approximately $1200 to provide needed medicines.

During the morning worship hour, we will focus on praying for the United States and the country of Guatemala. Devin will join Pastor Dean in the leadership of this service. More information about how to pray for your country can be found at Call2Fall.

After the morning service, we will enjoy a family potluck dinner.

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Family BBQ dinner

When: Sunday, May 22nd (after morning worship service)

Men will take care of the BBQ, setup and takedown; ladies will provide the sides and oversee the kitchen. Before everyone takes off for the summer, let’s come together and celebrate!

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